Monday, January 25, 2010

Standout Jobs

I was very impressed with Standout Jobs. My career goal is to someday coach at the collegiate level, and alot of the work that is required at that level falls within recruiting. The services that standout jobs does is amazing, and the way it truly creates the environment for which you want prospective student-athletes to see is there. I also run soccer camps, and feel that using that service would help promote and inform people on my camps, the structure, training, fees, etc, and will do it in a professional manner!

Google Docs

I used google docs for the very first time today, and I must say I was impressed with the simplicity of it, as well as the effectiveness. I feel this will be a nice tool to use, especially during my player evaluation time, where I will constantly be creating word documents.

Here is a link to my creation today:)

RSS and News Feeds

I have been learning more about subscribing to news feeds and have enjoyed it tremendously. Ive always wondered how I can receive updates on my favorite soccer teams and players, and now I know! Its been a lot of fun too, adding some other things I frequently check! Cool stuff.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Social Networking

This week I have read several articles illustrating the impact social networking has had on our society, and the amount of people worldwide that use it. In the first article I read, I quickly realized was part of this 'social network'. However, my parents, grandparents, even my older brothers for that matter, have not been involved as much. Im referring to things such as facebook, twitter, myspace, classmates, etc. These are all networks that allow us to stay in touch socially with people and events all over the world.

Another article I read that I found interesting was the impact of social software in teacher education. I found it interesting that with all the current and innovate technological advances available, email still seems to be the main source of social networking online. It also lets us know that since social newtorking and social software is so common, that we also must monitor what is sent out and viewed online, especially by our youth. Just the other day, I found my 6 year old nephew searching yahoo for cars, and when cars popped up, so did a beautiful lady posing on it. Just need to be careful!

One of the other articles I read and was intrigued by referred to how technology is changing the way libraries function. I was amazed at how the different uses of social networking such as blogs, and podcasts in a library setting have evolved. Even the manner in which blogs were used to identify new books, availability, I found very interesting!

Anthony Chimienti's podcast

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Here are a few championship trophies my U11 Boys soccer team won this past month. I am very proud of the boys and their achievements. Their hard work and dedication has paid off!

Monday, January 11, 2010

1st day of coursework

Hi, its Anthony Chimienti here. Im excited to be starting my first day of coursework for Kinesiology-Physical Ed. Master's program. Ive found very many useful tools already that I will be able to apply to various parts of my career. Looking forward to the journey!