Sunday, February 7, 2010


I really enjoyed exploring the page. I found a couple very usesul podcasts that I can certainly use, very informative.

The first podcast I explored was called Eric T's Lake Tahoe snow report. This report gave in depth information on the current snowboarding and ski conditions at various resorts around Lake Tahoe. That is very difficult information to find sometimes, and this was all in one report. Very helpful! This podcast also talked about how many feet fresh feet of snow occurred, as well as road conditions. Cool stuff.

The other podcast I explored was called "EPL Update" which is a soccer related podcast. This was up to date information from the English Premier League, and interview managers, players, and gave the weekly fixtures of games, and where they were to be played. It really made it simple to follow the soccer games, and current news that is going on, rather than going to 2-3 different links. I enjoyed this one!

I can see this being very useful for staying up to date with new training ideas and keeping up with the news around the soccer globe!

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